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Huisartsenpraktijk Bloemgracht
Lijnbaansgracht 99 1015 GZ


Welcome at the website of the ‘Huisartsenpraktijk Bloemgracht’. The general practitioners of the Bloemgracht offer excellent and personal medical care. To make an appointment or for more information, please contact one of the following numbers:

Huisarts Bos
T 020 – 623 61 82

Huisarts Tibosch
T 020 – 623 61 82

Huisartsen Lips en Hezemans
T 020 – 623 08 41

The clinic can be reached by telephone from 8.30 – 12.00 and from 14.00 – 16.00.

You can ask a question by e-mail in two ways: via the ‘mijn omgeving’ on this website (secured), or via the e-mail address praktijkbloemgracht@xs4all.nl (stating date of birth and GP, no secure e-mail connection, so preferably no privacy-sensitive information ).

We are currently not accepting new patients.

Consultations are by appointment in the morning or in the afternoon. Your GP can also be consulted by telephone or email. To order repeat prescriptions or to start an email-consultations with your GP you can login in the ‘mijn omgeving’.

During evenings, nights and in the weekends GP-care is clustered in a communal health centre: ‘De Huisartsenpost’. This centre is opened from 17.00 till 8.00, during the weekends and on official holidays.
When in need of urgent medical care you can consult the website of ‘De Huisartsenpost’ or call them at 088 – 0030 600.

The website GPinfo.nl provides reliable information about the Dutch healthcare system, health and diseases.

During office hours:
at the above mentioned numbers, choose option 1 in the menu

At out of office hours: 088 – 00 30 600

In life threatening situations: 112

Corona virus

The measures surrounding the Coronavirus also have consequences for our working method. The regular consultation hours are somewhat shortened and we try to answer as many questions as possible about your health by telephone or e-mail. For example, we try to reduce the number of people in practice and prevent the virus from spreading.

Corona Vaccination

Next week, the following patients will receive an invitation from the GP practice for an AstraZeneca corona vaccination:

– Patients born in 1956 to 1960

– Patients with Down Syndrome

– Patients with BMI> 40

All temporary measures at a glance:

If you have any questions about the Coronavirus, do not call or come to the general practice, but look at the RIVM website or call 0800-1351.

If you are ill and you think this could be due to the Corona virus, do not come to the practice, but first contact the practice by telephone.

If you are ill or have complaints from another cause, call or email the practice. We will try as much as possible to help you by telephone or e-mail; if that does not work, we will make an appointment to come to the practice.

If you have an appointment at the consultation hour, be on time as much as possible, so not too early or too late. This way we prevent too many people from having to wait in the waiting room.

You must wear a mouth mask upon entering and disinfect your hands in the hall.

The chronic care for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and COPD continues as normal as much as possible; at the practice, by e-mail and by telephone.